How Do Netflix Watch Parties Work?

Netflix manages to stay on the agenda of its subscribers with the innovations they offer. After Netflix games, the company introduced Netflix Teleparty! Thanks to this new feature, viewers can enjoy watching parties even if they are distant from each other. In this respect, we believe that it is a great opportunity for many users. If you miss the old days when you used to watch movies or TV series with your friends, then you are going to love this new feature. It will take you to the good old days and help you to spend a great time with your friends even when you are not next to each other. How do Netflix Watch Parties work?

What Is Netflix Teleparty?

We have briefly explained the main logic behind the Netflix Teleparty feature. Viewers use one of the popular browsers to access Netflix systems so that they can share their screens with their beloved ones. In this way, couples or friends can enjoy a movie or TV series together when they are away from each other.

In case you often miss your movie partner, then Netflix Teleparty is a great feature that you are going to love! Moreover, you can add as many viewers as you like to enjoy a great movie or TV series together. Without a doubt, it is one of the most notable features of Netflix, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

What Can You Do with Netflix Teleparty?

Viewers in a session need to access their own Netflix accounts through a browser. It is worth noting that each viewer should have his or her own Netflix subscription to benefit from this feature. In addition to this, this new feature offers a chatroom for the participants.

Besides watching movies and TV series, you can always chat with your friends without stopping the production. In this respect, we believe that Netflix Teleparty is highly convenient and practical. Thus, we recommend using this feature as soon as possible.

What Devices Are Supported for Netflix Teleparty?

Unfortunately, the Netflix Teleparty feature is only offered for the PC platform. However, you can use this new feature on your Windows, Linux, or macOS computers without any challenge. This means that you cannot benefit from this new feature on your mobile devices or smart televisions.

On the other hand, we believe that Netflix is testing this new feature these days. Considering the importance the company gives to mobile platforms, we can see Netflix Teleparty on mobile devices soon as well.

How to Use Netflix Teleparty?

Viewers need a browser on their computers and Netflix Teleparty only supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers. You need to visit the application store of your browser to search for the Netflix Teleparty extension.

Once you install and activate the extension, depending on your preferred browser, you need to sign in to your Netflix account. Through this extension, you can send invitations to your friends that you would like to watch TV series or movies with. Once they accept your invitation, you can start the watching session and enjoy a great time together!

We explained how do Netflix Watch Parties work.

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