How much Social Media Influencers Make Money?

Many media channel give information about how much influencers earn. However, most of this information is not exactly true.

Many media channel give information about how much influencers’ earn. However, most of this information is not exactly true. Because naturally, most influencers don’t explain how much they earn. There are two reasons for this. The first is the tax issue. The second is that if he explains his income is low, his image could be damaged. As we share the influencer revenues with the face-to-face conversations we have made with them…

Social Media Influencer ‘s Make Money…

First of all influencer’s revenues vary greatly from country to country. Because the purchasing power of the currencies of the countries is one of the most important factors affecting the income. For example, an influencer’s revenue, which have 1 million followers in the United States, could be different from another country. Likewise, in the European Union and other countries with high purchasing power, influencers’ income varies according to the same followers.

Even if very high followers out of US and Europian Union today, though only the money that pay social media channels seems to be very difficult to return to this job. For this reason, many influencers cooperate with brands in addition to the payment of the social media platform they work with. Already a large part of their income is actually the work they do with brands. Of course, let’s not forget that big influencers with 1 million and more followers have a team of at least 3-4 people and they pay money for them.

On avarage you can earn $2,500-$3,000  per post with 100.000 followers on instagram. Between 4-20 million followers you can earn $6,000 to $17,500 USD for per post says Financial Times.

If you have 30.000-50.000 followers on instagram and have a engagement rate %5-10 you can earn 250-500 USD for per post.

There are lots of influencer earning calculator on the web. When we calculate for example Kim Kardashian account with 164 millon followers, we see the $325,085 – $541,808 earning for per post. Beyonce earn $285,110 – $475,184 with 143 million followers.

When we examine Youtube as the platform, you earn $0.004 – $0.015 for per page view. Youtube also gives 55% of its ad revenue to youtuber. The most famous youtubers overall the world earn 10-20 million USD for per year.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, when the situation goes worldwide, it can vary 5-10 times depending on the purchasing power of the countries.

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