What is Influencer?

Let us try to explain in a little more detail for those who do not know or meet influencer.

Many people who are close to the internet or digital world know the concept of influencer. However, let us try to explain in a little more detail for those who do not know or meet it.

First, the word influencer means “affect”. Influncers are the people who have lots of social media followers and use that community to sell products for brands.

Who can be accepted as an influencer?

Brands have turned to this field for their marketing activities as the social media increases its influence on the world day by day. Until recent years, the impact of social media was not very noticeable. However, it was understood that  influencers’ contents and the videos shared by them were very strong. In fact, this was a natural result of the growth of social media.

There is a distinction among influencers according to the number of followers in general. Although there are no strict limits, influencers with 50,000 or less followers are defined as micro-influencers, while influencers with 50,000 and more followers are defined as macro influencers. The number of engagement  rates of influencers as well as the number of followers is very important. For example, when an account with 20,000 followers shares, it can receive around 10,000 likes, while an account with 500,000 followers can share and takes only 1000-2000 likes.  The main reason for this is the purchase of fake followers on many social media channels. Influencers can buy followers with money to increase the number of followers. However, they can also be affected badly due to the low engagement rate.

Can every influencer affect people?

In today’s world, influencers have become so effective that every word they say or every video they make is watched by their followers. For example, a influencer  that recommends a product as if it was used by itself could enable 100.000 of new customers to purchase it. Or, when a well-known artist in the world reveals an idea about politics, he can direct the masses towards his own idea. It is said that megastars with 20-30 million followers in the world demand 1-2 million USD from brands even for single sharing.

In short, the influencer field is increasing its importance day by day in the new world.

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