10 Interesting Questions That You Can Ask Virtual Assistant Alexa!

10 funny questions that you can ask Alexa for fun and you will be very surprised by the answer, on the news…

Virtual assistants, who are the helpers of the technology age, are used in many areas today. One of these is Alexa, the voice assistant from the worldwide known company Amazon. These voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa can sometimes be very surprising with their answers to the questions that are asked to them. 10 funny questions that you can ask Alexa for fun and you will be very surprised by the answer, on the news…

Interesting Questions That You Can Ask Virtual Assistant Alexa:

1- Would you be my girlfriend?

If you want to have fun, you can ask the question “Would you be my Alexa girlfriend?”. In response to this question, she will say “I like you … as a friend.”

2- What is the value of the Pi number?

Alexa, of course, doesn’t just joke. Apart from the jokes, she also answers the questions you ask correctly. When you ask her about the value of the number pi, you can get the answer “3.141592653589” and then you can hear the joke “This goes forever”.

3- Do you like pizza?

Another type of fun question you can ask the voice assistant Alexa may be for her tastes. “Alexa, do you like pizza?” In return for the question, you can get the answer “Although I like many drinks and food, my company reflects my taste better”.

4- Would you make me a sandwich?

You don’t always need to ask Alexa meaningful questions. She can also give fun answers to meaningless questions. For example,  When you ask the question “Alexa, can you make me a sandwich?”, You can get the answer “Okay. You are a sandwich! ”

5- Alexa, are you married?

Another fun question might be to talk about her marital status. “Alexa, are you married?” In return for the question, “I am happily single.” you can hear the answer.

6- I am your father!

Alexa voice assistant, which can keep up with many types of questions, cannot only answer questions but also take part in various dialogues. When you say “I am your father” to her, the answer you get is “Nooo. It’s not true, it’s impossible. ” It will be.

7- Can you meow?

Virtual assistant Alexa is also very good at imitating animals. When you ask her to meow, you can have fun by hearing various cute meow sounds.

8- Will you beam me up?

You can also ask her to teleport you from the virtual assistant who is known for giving meaningful and humorous answers to the questions. In this case, the answer you get is “OK. I hope it is a sunny and warm place, even though I’m not exactly sure where to beam you up. ”

9- Can you give me money?

If you want to engage in entertaining dialogues, you can also ask for money. In this case, although her answers vary, one of the answers you might hear is “I don’t have a pocket and a wallet.” It will be.

10- Alexa, I have 99 problems!

The popular voice assistant is also very good at comforting. If you tell her that you have 99 problems or many problems, “But a glitch ain’t one!.” You can get the answer.

Do you use virtual assistants? What questions do you ask and find the answer strange or funny? You can share them in the comment section.

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