10 Tips for Google Assistant Users!

Which are widely used today, 10 interesting features that can be helpful and very useful for you when using the Google Assistant, in our news…

What are 10 interesting features that can be helpful and very useful for you when using the Google Assistant? Here are the details..

Virtual assistants, which are widely used today, are developed to help us in the intensity of daily life. One of them is Google Assistant. Here are 10 tips that can help you use the Google Assistant; in our news…

10 features that Google Assistant users should know:

Google Assistant is an assistant application available on devices with Android operating system. However, you can use google assistant app on both Android and IOS operating systems. You can Google assistant download from app markets. First of all, you have to activate it on your device to be able to use GoogleAssistant. Here’s what you need to do to do this step by step:

  • Create your own Google account.
  • Go to Google Assistant Settings and activate.
  • Determine your location.
  • Click the “Yes I accept / approve” button.

After that, you can start using Google Assistant. There are many features of GoogleAssistant that can help you. Here are 10 interesting features that will work for you:

tips google assistant moblobi

1- Listening to Music

When you want to listen to music, just say “okey google, play Mor ve Ötesi” to your GoogleAssistant. YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify are among the applications you can use; You can also specify a music application that the Google Assistant will open. If you want to listen to a random song, it can also open a song for you on YouTube.

2- Editing messages and emails

If you want to send a message or e-mail via GoogleAssistant; You should say “okey google, send the message to Ahmet I will come at five”. If there is an application you want to use, specify it as well. You can use the phrase “Okey Google Ahmete send the message I will come on Whatsapp at 5″. It is also possible to have the messages read to you.

3- Set timer and alarm

If you want to set a timer and alarm, you can set a timer and alarm with a single command, such as “Okey Google, start the stopwatch” or “Okey Google, set an alarm for 7:30″.

4- Making a call

When you say “OK Google call Nermin” to your assistant, it will start the search for you.

5- Creating reminders

You can create things that need to be reminded by using sentences such as “OK Google, remind watering flowers every Sunday, add bread to my shopping list”. To use this feature; You can change it in Settings> GoogleAssistant> Settings> Personal Information.

6- Know the weather

If you are wondering what the weather will be like tomorrow, ask your assistant “OK Google, how is the weather in Istanbul tomorrow?” it is enough to say.

10 tips for google assistant users moblobi

7- Querying ticket information

If you have made an action such as buying or booking a ticket through your Gmail account, the Google Assistant will get it. If you want to get information about this; “OK Google when is my next flight?” you might say. Your travels will be displayed on your screen.

8- Translation

You can instantly translate for your assistant. “OK Google, what is the Italian table? What do you mean hello in Polish? ” He will give you the answer when you ask. GoogleAssistant, which is with you in a city where you are foreigner, can translate in many languages.

9- Name change

You can choose how your assistant will address you. Open Google Assistant settings. Enter your personal information section. You can change how it appeals to you here. If you want to correct syllable mistakes, you can adjust.

10- Opening an application

You can login to the application you want. For example, if you have a TV show you want to watch on Netflix, my google assistant can open this application for you. You can use the “OK Google” command for this.

So do you use Google Assistant? What other features of GoogleAssistant you like or use often? You can share from the comment section.

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