15 Game Terms That Gamers Should Know!

There are many game terms that gamers, game viewers, and those who want to be a gamer must know. 15 game terms that players use the most, in our news...

What are the game terms used in games? Here are 15 game terms that players use the most. Games are one of the most shared content on digital. For example YouTube videos created by the gamers by streaming the games they play are fairly watched. Here are the popular game terms.

15 game terms in game videos

There is a particular game language that gamers use to communicate with each other. There are many game terms that gamers, game viewers, and those who want to be a gamer must know. Some of the most popular game terms are:

1- Bot

Bots are an artificial intelligence that plays a video game in place of humans.

2- Bug

Software errors in the game are called bugs. For example, you see a man in front of you and you shoot the man, but he is not dead. This kind of software errors are called bugs.

3- Loot

The loot term basically means looting. In games, loot describes valuable items picking up by your character after you killed your enemy.

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4- Noob

The newbie players that just started playing the game are called noobs.

5- KDR

KDR stands for Kill / Death Ratio. It represents the kill rate in games.

6- Microtransaction

Most of the games have marketplace. You can buy equipment etc. from these markets. The things you buy from markets is called microtransaction

7- Smurf

Smurfing is when a player stops playing with the account and opens a new account to play against beginner players with a better performance.

8- DLC

DLC stands for downloadable content. Players use the DLC term for additional packages, but these packages can be more expensive than the price of the game.

9- Flood

Let’s explain the flooding through an example that we all experienced. You’ve probably seen people sending out words one by one instead of writing sentences. This can also happen in-game chats. Players call this flood when people constantly send messages from the chat.

10- KS

Kill Steal is one of the most used terms probably. If you kill a player when his/her health is very low, you are stealing a kill.

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11- Rage Quit

Rage is basically means getting angry, going crazy. If it happens during the game and the player leaves the game, it is called rage quit.

12- Newbie

A newbie usually means a bad player in a game, or someone who makes mistakes during the game.

13- Head Shot

Headshot term is used when the player hits the opponent with one shot.

14- Ban

Ban is called ban the account of a player who cheats.

15- gg

Gg stands for good game. It is used to say it was a good game.

So, do you play games? Are there any other terms that you know? You can it share through the comment section.

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