17 Useful Youtube Features

What are the unknown features of Youtube?

As Youtube is being used frequently; we might not know about some of the features even though we spent hours. But, some Youtube features can be used easily and efficiently. What do we have on basic features of youtube ? How could you use this features in YouTube ?

Unknown 17 Youtube Features List For More Convenient Use:

Even though Youtube adds features to make its platform more interesting; we don’t know most of them. Here are 17 unknown Youtube features:

1-The function of the numbers in the keyboard:

It’s been used to surf around the video. For example; if you click 5, the video will be backed forth by 50%.

2-What can be done with L and J?

To move the video forwards for 10 seconds; click L. To move the video backward for 10 seconds; click J.

3-Functions of comma and dot:

It’s being used to move the squares back and forth on Youtube.

4-What happens if you click the left or right side of the video?

Every click used to forward the video for 10 seconds according to its side.

5-What is Youtube fast-forwarding?

You can individualize Youtube’s fast-forwarding options. To do this; click on the right upper side of the screen and go to settings. Then, choose general and click “click twice for searching”. Finally, you can choose from 5 to 60 seconds.

6-What can be done with K and M?

K is used to stop the video. M is used to mute the video.

7-What happens if you clicked shift and dot at the same time?

In desktop, shift and dot can be used to fast forward or slowing down. In mobile, choose triple dots and choose to play speed.

8-How to bring the video into theater mode?

It’s possible to bring the dimension according to video player’s by clicking T. For full visibility; click F and to carry the video to a mini-player, click I.

9-How you narrow the video?

You only have to scroll downwards. For Android 8.0 Oreo or afterward; you can go back to your main screen.

10-How to use a dark theme?

The dark theme can be used by choosing a dark theme in settings.

11-What is watching later feature?

Youtube has a feature for watching videos later on if you like. Click save and choose to watch it later. You can see them at your library.

12-How can you allow the video to be played after the screen is closed?

Users got fed up as their video stops suddenly. But, Youtube features can be used to stop.

If you subscribe to Google’s subscription plan; you can use them when the Youtube videos are closed.

Start a video if you use iOS devices; start a video and go to your main screen. Look at the notification. The video will go pure sound. You can find them on the control panel.

13-How to download Youtube videos?

You can download it if you use Google’s subscription services.

Click download video. You can download Android apps on the current Chromebook and you can watch them on the video.

14-What is the secretive mod on Youtube past?

You can use open secretive mode. Then, you can deactivate the video.

If you watch Youtube videos from the desktop; click the menu and choose the past. Then, click close to the viewing past. Click stop and you can use reopen open viewing past.

15-How to make your Youtube event private?

A list can be created by Youtube. But, you can make your event private. Open privacy and choose to keep all videos private and keep all subscribing private.

16-How to remove video past?

You need to go to Youtube events past to remove a Youtube video from the past. You can look at every detailed thing about your past. Choose a detail and click x to remove it. Choose right-hand controls if you want to delete everything.

17-How to delete Youtube past automatically?

Youtube can delete your past from certain times. Open Youtube on Google Events and click delete manually. Choose to delete automatically. Your Youtube deleted automatically.

Which Youtube features you use? Do you like to spend time on Youtube? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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