5 Bad Things That Can Happen To You While You Digitalized

The virtual world has entered our lives, for better or worse. This world includes conveniences and new habits brought by the modern world. We can’t underestimate the number of people who make this an end rather than a tool. Especially considering the people followed by millions and the world economy based entirely on virtual systems, it becomes possible to say that things run in the virtual world. This also means that a few false tweets or a few wrong clicks that can be written in the digital world can cause bad things. So what can happen to us in the virtual world? Let’s read 5 bad things that can happen to you while you digitalized.

The 5 Worst Things That Can Happen To You In The Virtual World:

1-Fake News Manipulation

Today, artificial intelligence has made serious progress. We see this in all areas. Artificial intelligence is used in many areas that we have not seen. For example, they can understand your sexual orientation by looking at 5 photos you like under the name of social engineering. By looking at your Facebook friends, they can even know you better than your family. It is rumored that elections in America are manipulated with the news of Facebook. To do this, it examines you with artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence can understand what you are defending and reports in favor of the target party in your interest.


We know that everyone communicates with many companies via messages and e-mail. However, some malicious people who do not work in these companies can reach your e-mail address and act like that company. This is called a phishing technique. Today, unfortunately, many people cannot understand this difference. Many banks are copied and accessed your passwords with lies such as password change requests. All your savings and information can be captured. For this reason, it is very important to open your e-mails and messages carefully and to check whether they come from the correct address.

3-Public Wi-Fi

You have been asking for Wi-fi information of any hotel or cafe and connecting. However, malicious people can access your computer using the same Wi-fi connection as you. There are even many hackers who provide Wi-Fi connectivity by imitating hotel or cafe names. After you have access to these Wi-Fi networks; They can access everything from your camera and a lot of information inside your device.

4-Trojan Horse

We download a lot of links from the Internet. Among these connections, some have a purpose other than serving us. We can call this malware. Some of them can completely run your computer on someone else’s behalf and use all your features. this software, known as Trojan horses, can mine bitcoin using your graphics card; It can replicate itself using all the processing power of your computer. If your computer has become extremely slow, it is best to scan it with an up-to-date virus program.

5-Dark Web

We use a small portion of the internet. But many people wonder about the other dark part, using a hard-to-follow browser called Tor Browser. And they make many calls. It’s impossible to get down to the illegal level easily. However, it is possible that they are not aware that they are taking risks using Tor Browser. Because the biggest reason why Tor Browser architecture is untraceable is that it uses every computer that joins its network. So you add your computer to the computers that a child trafficker or serial killer uses to hide himself. He can use you to commit crimes and the situation can even be on you. We recommend that you do not use such platforms.

We explained 5 bad things that can happen to you while you digitalized. So, have you had a negative experience in the virtual world?

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