5 Tactics For PES Games

Which the tactics can apply to succeed in PES game series? Read more tactics for PES Games.

Pro Evolutioan Soccer, one of the football branch games, the PES series known by its acronym, is played by billions of people around the world. Beginners, according to those trying to adapt to the new series, the degree of ease of the game is changing.  So, which the tactics can apply to succeed in PES game series? Let’s read more tactics for PES Games.

Football lovers are also very interested in the PES series, apart from the FIFA series. The 5 important tactics to take into consideration in all PES series are as follows.

5 Tactics For Who Play PES 2019, 2020 And All PES Games:

1-Marking Tactic In PES

It can stop good players like Messi thanks to PES’s the marking feature; even the opposing players and goalscorers can be controlled. The tight mark feature can be activated as follows:

  • Select the Game Plan menu
  • Then, enter the “Advanced Settings“ section
  • Select the Deep Defender Line from within the Defense 1 section.
  • After the mark step is selected, the defender who will make the mark can be selected.

2- Skill Enhancement Tactic In PES

It’s important to increase your personal skill level besides the commands. For example; it can be helpful to work on the direction and intensity of the shot to be used, knowing the playing styles and passing skills of team players.

PES 2020 in particular, it’s claimed that it isn’t possible to pass comfortably like in the FIFA series. Because of this reason, by training alone, trying the struts can improve pass skills. It can even be helpful to follow the empty players on the field or direct the players towards the empty spaces while exchanging passes during the match.

3- Key Tactic In PES

If the key combination of PES 2020 and previous game series is examined, the ball can be taken from other players with the X that has a pass key. Specially, using the X key frequently when the ball is at the opponent’s feet, will bring the player closer to the opponent and the ball. Lets also noted that it’s possible to run fast using the R1 key.

4- MyClub Game Mode Tactic

In MyClub mode; transactions such as hiring a manager, hiring players, arranging the contract of team players take place through currencies. The purpose is to create a team by selecting the best players and earning enough money for that. If you login to MyClub mode every day, you have the opportunity to earn Mt points and MyClub money prizes. Also, black or yellow ball players can be won by participating in special draws in exchange for 100 myClub coins.

By the way, let’s noted for those who don’t know; black ball players are the best players and make a big contribution to the team. Yellow players are also good degrees players, although not as much as black players. It’s claimed that the best time for the draws is the weeks of derby matches. It’s claimed that entering the draws, especially in the week when teams such as Liverpool and Juventus will play matches, will bring in high degree players to the team.

5- Master League Tactic

Thanks to the Master League mode, the player takes over the management of the team. If young players are going to be selected for the team, it will be useful to try to make them experienced by improving.  If high offers are made to the developed players, the team can be advantageous in terms of gain by selling team players and generating income financially. After, the experienced and good players can be hired and bring players to the team with the income generated. In this way, the salary and transfer budget are kept in balance.

We shared tactics for PES Games. What do you think about the degree of the impact of tactics, that may be valid in PES 2019, PES 2020 and all other PES series? What other tactics are you using?

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