6 Tips to Get What You Are Looking For On Google!

Thanks to some tips you can use while searching on Google, you can reach the topic you want to reach faster. 6 practice tips, in our news...

The Google search engine is a very advanced platform that has unlimited topics. On the platform with such deep information, we sometimes find it difficult to reach exactly what we are looking for. However, thanks to some tips you can use while searching on Google, you can reach the topic you want to reach faster. In general, if you are typing a title you want to search for and do not get the results you want, these tips are for you. 6 tips that will make your job easier while searching on Google and that will get you exactly what you are looking for in Google search results.

6 tips to get exactly what you are looking for in Google search results:

1- If you are looking for a range of numbers:

If you are going to search for a title related to dates, but you want to find information in a certain date or number range in the title you searched for, you should put three dots (…) between the numbers. For example, you will receive information between Turkey between 1900 and 1900 … 1950 and 1950 when you search.

2- Search operator the Wildcard:

In the sentence or title you are looking for, if you do not know a word or do not remember it at the moment, you can substitute an asterisk (*) for the word you do not know. This way, instead of making a pointless search, you can search easily.

6 tips to get what you are looking for on google moblobi

3- If there are words you do not know:

You can put an asterisk for any unfamiliar word in search operator the wildcard. However, there may be more than one word in the subject you are searching for. In this case, you can use the AROUND operator. However, let us tell you that the number of unfamiliar words in the subject you are looking for should be at most five. Write the number of missing words at the end of the words you will search for. For example, if there are 3 missing words, type AROUND (3), and search like this.

4- Search for specific file type:

If you are looking for a specific file type but have trouble finding the file type you want, you can type in filetype: file type. For example, if you search for audience analysis articles in filetype: PDF, you will see the PDF format of the articles.

5- Image search:

If you have a picture or table that you like and want to access information about it, type “images.google.com” in Google and upload the picture you took from the camera icon. In this way, you can access information about who drew the picture or the table and the visual.

6- Net expression search:

You may be searching for a single topic on Google. But Google shows all the headlines that contain the words you searched for. Finding what to search for among so many sites and titles can sometimes be tiring. If the word or sentence you are looking for is clear, what you need to do is to put the words you will search in quotation marks (“”). For example, when you write to Google, Moblobi intern, you can also see relevant headings on other pages. But when you type “Moblobi intern”, you will only access the information shared on Moblobi.com.

What problems do you have while searching on Google? What methods do you use to reach the subject you are looking for in your Google searches? You can share it from the comment section.

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