8 Signs That Your Computer Has A Virus!

How To Know If Your Computer Has A Virus?

In our daily life, we all use computers for different reasons. Computer viruses give themselves away with many signs. Viruses severely damage our computers and pose a threat to malicious people to pass our information. When we click on advertisements or an unknown link on some sites we have entered, we may have infected our computers unknowingly. So you can as this question. Does my computer have a virus? Let’s learn 8 symptoms that show that your computer have a virus.

How To Know If Your Computer Has A Virus

1- Computer Slowness

Computers can slow down over time for many reasons. You may have difficulty logging in to websites or applications that you have always been comfortable with. In this case, viruses may have started running processes that slow down your computer in the background.

2- Web Browser Weirdness

If you do not click to enter the internet browser but a tab opens on its own, that is, if you encounter pop-ups, this may be a sign that your computer is infected.

Tabs that open out of nowhere are not the only sign of the virus. If your default search engine (the website used when you search from the address bar) has suddenly changed, this may also indicate a virus.

3- Antivirus Program Is Disabled

The first thing viruses do without you realizing it is to disable the security system on your computer. Some viruses can disable antivirus programs. If your antivirus program is disabled or does not update, you should understand that there is something odd about this.

4- Your Files Disappear

Recently, there has been a high increase in ransomware. In such attacks, your files are encrypted and made inaccessible. When you want to access these files later, payment is requested from you. Also, there is no guarantee that you will be able to open the file even after making the payment.

When you try to open the file, you will notice that such viruses can corrupt some files. For this reason, we recommend that you organize your files periodically to protect against ransomware.

5- Internet Connection Problem

We are sure that many of you have experienced the internet connection problem. However, if your connection is interrupted unexpectedly and if something strange happened to your computer during this time, there is a high probability of infection on your computer.

Some viruses prevent you from downloading virus removal tools by changing your network settings. To avoid this type of attack, download the virus removal tool on another computer and move it to the infected computer via USB.

6- Program Locks

Programs can be locked for many reasons. If you have tried the troubleshooting methods of Windows but there is no change, the problem may be caused by the virus. When you encounter blue screen errors frequently, search for this code online. Although this phenomenon is usually caused by hardware and driver problems, sometimes viruses can also cause this error. 

7- New Programs Are Created

If you encounter programs that you do not install but do not know who installed them, this is a sign of viruses. However, these may still be real programs. Therefore, if your antivirus program did not give any warning, try the scanning process yourself.

8- Windows Tools Can Not Be Accessed

Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys often help when the computer is out of control. But if that doesn’t work, try to open Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar. If this is also unresponsive or you are unable to open the command line as well, this could all be caused by the virus.

Do you have such problems on your computer? Has a virus entered your computer before? What types of symptoms did you encounter and how did you solve it?

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