9 Clues For Easier Google Search

9 clues for more efficient search on Google

As search console google became a resource for research (for example we could see with google searching trends from Google Trends ); it offers us a wide variety of information and makes our questions go away. But, we might have issues finding what we want. Thus, Google results can become more precise with certain clues. Here are 9 Google search clues for searching on Google.

There are lots of webmaster google tools but we won’t focus on details in this article to  them. So what are the clues making easier for your search console google?

1-How quotation marks (” “) works for?

Quotation marks allow you to find more precise searches. But, some similarities occur in every name. By using quotation marks; you can get rid of this mess at all searches.

2-What does “related:” works for?

You can see similar and rival websites on the search bar. But, you’ll need to add related: to learn about your competitors. For example, you can use “related: Berkshire Hathaway” to learn about its competitors.

3-What can you do with a hyphen (-)?

Hyphen is used for getting rid of unrelated results. At the same time, + can be used to add more results. You can add a hyphen to see only related details about your search.

4-How to use in site Google searching?

You can use in site Google searches for faster results in Google. Especially for certain pages.

5-Your currency value?

Google makes calculations about currency values. You just have to write the values of certain currencies with =.

6-How to use Google calculator?

You can write the operations you want to make on Google. Then, Google will give you a calculator.

7-Shortest way to learn weather and time?

The weather allows Google to tell you about the weather according to a location with “weather:”. And “time:” can be used to learn the time of a region.

8-How to access files from Google?

If you want to access articles about certain topics in PDF, write “article filetype: PDF”. So, you’ll have articles in PDF type at a certain topic.

9-How can you make searches with pictures?

Google allows searches made by pictures. So, go to Google Pictures for searches. By pasting the URL while dragging the picture.

Similar pictures will arise when you made the search. If you couldn’t find what you want; you can use additional information to get the results more accurately.

How do you make your Google searches? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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