9 Tools You Can Use in Zoom Meetings!

There are many tools you can use in your video chats in Zoom application. The 9 most used meeting tools in Zoom are on our news…

There are many tools you can use in your video chats in Zoom application. Thanks to these tools, users can have a better video chat. So what are the most used zoom meeting tools? The 9 most used meeting tools in Zoom are on our news…

The 9 most used tools in Zoom meetings:

In this period when we are transitioning to digital life, video chat applications continue to take an important place. Zoom is one of the mobile applications we have heard the most among these applications. There are some tools in the application for you to organize your video chats and follow the participants. Here are some of them:

1- In-meeting chat

With the in-meeting chat feature, you can send a private message to a person or a group within a meeting.

2- Registration

Zoom offers the option to record your meetings manually or automatically.

3- Screen sharing

You can share your screen with the screen sharing feature. In this way, you can easily show your work to others.

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4- Break rooms

Breakout rooms meeting tool allows the participants to make their own speeches. Participants can separate a single call into separate groups with breakout rooms.

5- Virtual backgrounds

The virtual background allows you to view images and videos as your background. Participants and hosts can change their background. If you want to get detailed information about this feature, “How to Change Background Picture in Your Zoom Conversations?” You can review our article titled.

6- Remote support

Thanks to the remote support feature, you can control the screen of other participants.

7- Personal meeting ID

Personal meeting ID is only available for professional accounts and above. This feature makes your meetings safer, making your friends’ connections easier.

8- Waiting room

The waiting room lets you control when attendees attend any meeting.

9- Zoom Rooms

Rooms company’s conference room software and hardware. With this feature, you can turn any room into a conference room. You can access Zoom Rooms software for 50 dollars a month. But in order to use Zoom Rooms, you need to have Pro and above membership, let’s share this.

Do you use Zoom? Which vehicles do you use most in Zoom? You can share it in the comment section.

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