Bitcoin Consumes More Energy Than Switzerland!

Now, Bitcoin is in the headlines about it’s energy consumption.

Digital cureencies arose with developments in technology. The most popular digital currency is Bitcoin. Now, Bitcoin is in the headlines about it’s energy consumption. Because, statistics shows that it consumes more energy than Switzerland. Here are the details.

Why Bitcoin ’s energy consumption makes people concerned?

While Bitcoin is on the headlines for a long while, now energy consumption included. According to researches from Cambrdige University, Bitcoin consumes way more energy than Switzerland.

Cryptocurrencies preferred as technology develops. While many more models are introduced or on it’s way to introduce; Bitcoin is the most famous. And Bitcoin is a decentralized currency like any of it’s counterparts.

While it’s being independent from limitations and contracts; it has an electronic mechanism. So, it’s produced on an electronic envoirment and relies on strong systems. But, it creates danger because it consumes vast amounts of energy.

How much energy does Bitcoin produce? How does this threatens the whole world? Which results were shown with Cambridge University’s research_ What will happen? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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