Clues For Thinking Like Hackers to Protect Yourself From Hackers!

Here are the clues from a famous hacker to think like an hacker to protect yourself from hackers...

Hackers have technical knowledge to infiltrate and to capture many systems. When hackers prefers to commit cyber crimes we call them black cap or unethical hackers but who prefers to use it for good deeds are called ethical or white cap hackers. Well is it possible to protect yourself from hackers like thinking like a hacker? Here are the details.

If we want to give an example about well-known hacker, we can give Santhosh Tuppad as an example. He started hacking at 16 years old and he was a hacker who committed cyber crimes. After that he has established a Corporation to use those information and he started to become white cap or ethical hacker to asist corporations on cyber-security. This benevolent hacker have some advices to protect from yourself from ill-intented or black cap hackers. One of them is that corporations should hire black cap hackers and in order to fight against hackers we should think like hackers.

Protect yourself from attacks by thinking like a hacker

If a Corporation wants to protect from itself from ill-intended or black cap hackers and to keep their software safe against them is that hiring someone who used to be a black cap hacker might be the best solution. By having black cap hackers as white cap hackers there can be a diversified information and experience sets. With this diversification more successful struggles against cyber-attacks and safer networks can become conducted. After this advice some corporations have started to hire black cap hackers because those people have cyber-attack techniques which are untraditional ways of thinking.

It’ not possible to protect the World against black cap hackers who prefers to move unethically but it’s possible to take much better security precautions to combat them. We can start this by thinking like a hacker.

Here are the clues from a famous hacker to think like an hacker to protect yourself from hackers.

  • Clue 1: Even though you don’t intend to commit a crime, sometimes you have to think like one. This gives you foresight and makes it easier to take precautions. In order to do this you can watch lots of detective films and to watch documentaries about criminals.
  • Clue 2: By reading stories of people who got into jail because of not obeying them or not understanding them, you can think like them and also it can make you to take precautions easier.
  • Clue 3: Tell your friends to hack their account and take permission. After that hack your friends account who have granted you permission and give it back to them after you’re done.
  • Clue 4: Make contact with former black cap hackers who become white cap hackers to combat cyber-crimes.
  • Clue 5: After you’ve taken neccessary permissions and grants try to bypass physical infastructure. By learning this process it can help you to protect from similar attacks.
  • Clue 6: Without damaging someone or damaging a system, without stealing data, by taking permission in order to test social engineering attacks get some data and make practice. After you learn how those attacks are conducted you can start to find solutions and to take precautions.
  • Clue 7: You can watch series about Mr. Robot and The Scorpion, which are telling about hackers, their fields of work and their working systems. This will give you clues about them when you’re watching.
  • Clue 8: Read books and blog articles from well-known hacker about cyber-security field. Some of them can be Kevin Mitnick, Troy Hunt and Scott Helme.

Well what do you think about hackers? How do you protect yourself from hackers? What do you think about in order to protect ourselves from hacker we should think like one? Share your opinions on the comments section below.

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