Does Hidden Tab Really Hides Your Information?

What is hidden tab? Does it really keep our information secret? Here are the details.

As the internet is a part of our lives; we use browsers to enter the internet numerous times. With browsers, we can have information about everything. In return, they collect some information about us. With hidden tab, we can surf the web without leaving a trace. What is hidden tab? Does it really keep our information secret? Here are the details.

What is the hidden tab?

Hidden tab is existent on nearly every browser. And they save every bit of information about us. Even more, we can see them in the past.

We expect everything we looked for is not being saved on hidden tab. And, it looks like nothing happened. In short, nothing is being saved according to their statements.

What hidden tab is not hiding anything in certain topics?

As privacy is one of the biggest problems in our time; web browsers feature has been found weak. Scanners warn people about the tracking of online identities.

Your device might not save your web past when hidden tab, but; it can see when you entered them. So, your IP address is not hidden.

Which network prevents you from being tracked?

Hidden tab doesn’t make you completely hidden. But, VPN prevents you from being tracked. Some states that VPN makes users more concealed.

But, they’re not completely safe as they change their IP addresses.

However, tech giants can access user data easily. Moreover, some apologized after it got revealed. Thus, users should be cautious when visiting unsafe pages.

Do you use hidden tab? Which browsers do you use? What do you think about their safety? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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