Domain Names Being Children Names!

In the digitalized world, it has become almost a tradition and a security element for individuals, such as institutions, to acquire domain names and social media accounts of their own names. Even parents now think that having a name is an important step towards creating their own digital identity for their children, and they are taking many steps. Here are the details.

According to a research conducted by GoDady in 2018, parents are beginning to think about their children’s assets before birth. There has been a large increase in the number of mothers and fathers in this thought. Approximately half (48 percent) of parents, who were included in the study, think that it is very important that their children have an online presence as early as possible. Only 27 percent of the participants in the X generation agreed with them.

There are those who put their child’s name on the empty domain!

The Internet has now become an indispensable piece of life for all of us. Therefore, having control over our online identities has become quite important in this case. More and more people are allocating a space on the Internet for them to maintain their digital identities in the future and to use them as a training tool. When most children decide on their name, they immediately buy the domain name. There are even those who search for available domain names to be inspired before they even decide on behalf of their children. So this trend is now becoming as common and natural as getting a stroller for parents.

Internet users in Turkey, where 72 percent of the population already seen that when viewed in general and this number continues to increase day by day more. Children who have a large share in the population are beginning to use both internet and technological devices at an early age. Online platforms and tools continue to change and evolve with each passing day. In all this change and development, parents now want to secure their child’s personal space on the Internet and register their domain names. Because they believe that having their own domain name will offer children an opportunity to build a strong online presence in the future.

They want to protect their future online assets!

Own a domain name or register a domain name for your child ; it doesn’t require you to set up a website or buy a different online service. The domain name can now be registered to secure your child‘s future position on the Internet. You can hold your child until you are ready to use this domain. However, it is important to renew the domain every year. This will prevent the domain in question from being handed over to others or purchased by different people. Those who think that they will forget to renew each year until the domain is used can eliminate this problem by activating automatic renewal.

You can register your child‘s domain name at reasonable prices from a company that sells many records. But you should pay attention to be safe and well known companies. As you can choose from many popular domain extensions, such as .com. You can also use different extensions such as .online,  .space. If your child has a fairly common name, domain name extensions such as .com may already have been purchased by others. In this case, you may choose another alternative.

But what does their children want to preserve their future online assets do other than buying the domain name? Read more…


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