Film and Series Search on Google Comes to an End!

Google continues to produce innovations and gives high quality service. According to accessed information, Google is developing a service for people that have difficulties in finding films and series. Here are the details about this service.

How does film and series search on Google will change?

Google is preparing to build an infastructure to make recommendations about films and series. So, users can access appropiate films and series recommendations with a personalized search engine results.

It’s main difference from Google’s service is that you write a specific film category and Google was making some recommendations. But, more personalized results will come to us basing user experience. Google will reach it’s aim to expand it’s informative content.

Google brings a similar approach in Tinder. When you made a search in Tinder, if you scroll to the right hand side of the page, you liked it and if you scrolled to the left hand side, you didn’t like it. Thus, it allows you to create your own resources. Even more Google brings an informative screen about films and series that you can learn everything. So, it doesn’t make you tired and it’s becoming an global giant on informative content.

What is Google’s main aim about this feature? How can we use it? Who can use it? Who can use them? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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