Game Of Thrones Fans Under The Cyber Threat!

One of the most popular of the series published on digital platforms, Game of Thrones has recently met its fans with its new season. However, those in the series are facing a significant cyber threat. Here are the details…

In 2018, the Game of Thrones series produced 17 percent of all pirated content that had malware. These contents caused more than 20 thousand users to be attacked. According to the latest data, the first episode of the popular series has been monitored illegally by 55 million times in 24 hours. Some of these monitoring was done by downloading from illegally broadcasting sites and via Torrent.

Game of Thrones is the new target of cyber attackers!

Movies and serials downloaded from illegal sources are among the methods frequently used by cyber attackers to spread malware. Therefore, Game of Thrones fans who prefer to watch the series with this method are also at great risk. Especially because the new season of the series is very popular these days, it has a high potential of being the target of cyber attackers. In such a case, compared to other sequences, those who follow this sequence have a higher potential to be a target.

Cyber intruders spread malicious software using popular television series on pirated content sites. They prefer action and drama series, especially in their wide publicity campaigns. Especially in the first episodes where viewers pay the most attention and in the last sections that are expected to be published, the probability of malicious software is much higher.

These fraudsters take advantage of the impatience and commitment of people to these sequences. They’re infecting malicious software with fake array monitoring links. With the start of the last season of Game of Thrones, the number of malicious software that appears to be a new part of the series will likely continue to increase. Users and especially GOT audiences should be especially careful about this issue.

So what are the things that you should be aware of if you are watching the series from the internet and especially if you are a GOT or Game of Thrones fan that has become a target recently? Read more…


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