Game Of Thrones Fans Under The Cyber Threat!

The cyber security company, Kaspersky Lab, shared the points that should be taken into consideration by the viewers in order not to be the victims of this type of malicious software that looks like a television program. If you are watching the series from the internet and you are a fan of GOT ie Game of Thrones, which has become a target especially in the last period, then you should pay attention:

  • When consuming content and especially when consuming content from such popular series; you must use legal services that are authorized to produce and distribute them.
  • When downloading a series or movie, you should pay attention to the extensions of the files that you have downloaded. Even if you are downloading files through sources you think are reliable. avi, .mkv, .mp4, and certainly not .exe file.
  • Be sure to see whether the websites or movies you’re watching or downloading are real. Game of Thrones, which allows you to track arrays, but you are not sure if it is legal; In particular, websites that do not start with el https er, ie that do not have a security certificate, should not visit. When looking at whether the Web sites are reliable, you must first check whether the company name that is typed in the URL is correct or not and whether it has a security certificate.

  • You should definitely click on the suspicious links that promise you the chance to watch early episodes of Game of Thrones or other popular series you watch.
  • If the internet constantly consumes content and you are watching such popular sequences; you can also take advantage of reliable security solutions to protect against these threats.

Do you watch popular series or popular series Game of Thrones on the Internet? What resources do you use to monitor what precautions do you take.

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