Google’s Interesting Story!

When was the famous and known Google founded? Who is founder of Google? What you need to know about the history of Google, in our news…

The giant technology company Google is among the world leaders. Billions of people are caring when Google was founded and who is founder of Google. So, when was the famous and known Google founded? Who is founder of Google? What you need to know about the history of Google, in our news…

When was Google founded and how did the story begin?

As we all know, Google is an international company specializing in internet services and products such as online advertising technologies, cloud computing, search engine, software and hardware. Larry Page and Sergey Brin came together when doing a PhD at Stanford University and Google’s history began. Back then, Google was launched as a research project in 1996. The founder of Google’s, Page and Brin, purposed to create a system that could analyze the relationships between websites and they created a new search engine.

Called PageRank, this algorithm was checking backlinks to examine the importance of a website. Therefore, Page and Brin named their new search engine “BackRub”. was registered in 1997. The name Google comes from the term “googol” for the number “1 followed by 100 zeros”. What this means is that the founders wanted to reflect that search engine could provide an infinite amount of information.

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Google was founded as a private company on September 4, 1998. The first office of the Google company was a garage of founders’ friend in Menlo Park, California. The company’s first employee was Craig Silverstein, he was a doctoral student at Stanford University.

Before Google was established, Andy Bechtolsheim contributed to Google Inc., which doesn’t exist yet, by writing a $ 1000,000 check in August of same year. Thus, Page and Brin immediately opened a bank account and benefited from Bechtolsheim’s investment with establishment of Google.

How did Google rise?

It was a huge loss for Yahoo that the once-giant Yahoo refused Page and Bring’s offer to buy Google and subsequently the $ 3 Billion fund request. Following years, Yahoo’s inability to keep up with current trends left Yahoo behind. Google made its first public offering in 2001. In addition, Google made a few improvements. There were also additions like international celebrations, multilingualism and Google tools. Google images were added to make search clearer and company opened its first international company in Tokyo in the same year. Google was getting stronger every day which used such applications.

Google Labs was born in 2002. Google reached more than 800 employees in 2004. Developments such as the launch of Gmail, which currently has more than 425 million users, as an invitee service in the same year also caused Google to rise rapidly. In addition, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Google Drive, Google Chrome and similar facilities offered by Google have made Google indispensable. And all these has made Google what it is today. Now, Google is among “Big Four” technology companies, together with Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.

As you can see, Google’s position today has been the result of classical entrepreneurship, a bit of luck and hard work.

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