Google is Making Your Life Easier at Shopping!

Shopping online has become one of the most preferred ways of shopping. While many social media platforms offers their users; they continue to integrate their shopping applications. Now Google is being added on this list. But how? Here are the details.

We can have information about the prices and features with Instagram shopping as it offered us to make shopping from photos and directing us to their sites. While we say this, Google is preparing to offer product name and price tag service at their pictures.

With Google Pics, it can be accessed to product names and their prices

Google is offering resources to e-commerce firms to make their customers access their customers by digital marketing and with online sponsored ads. Brands are preparing to come to us with new advertisement types in Google.

While we’re looking on a new product, we get tired of this mess. Even more, we can end the search in order to avoid intensity. But Google is contiuing their research by giving attention to details.

So, Google can offer products with it’s advertisement type with direct price tag and product name explanations. With price tag is on the side of the product and charecteristics such as on sale, free shopping and in discount.

In order to make users lives easier while shopping, we reach access to useability details of this product. It’s enought to click into blue button to hide settings about brands and to see the picture completely. So, it’s possible to hide all the details about this product with a click.

How can we use this recent feature? Who can use this right now? Which benefit will be supported to e-commerce firms? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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