Google Maps Offers Live Visual!

While Google Maps is the service of Google, it’s started to be used commonly in a recent couple of years. While it’s main service is navigation, it offers huge convenience in transportation.

New features are being added on Google Maps everyday and it’s use is getting easier. Right now, they’re expecting to bring their recent feature to users. Recent feature is the visual service used with augmented reality.

How can augmented reality can be used on Google Maps?

One of the most common technology is augmented reality. We encounter different uses of augmented reality commonly. Apple has made a patent application for it’s augmented reality technology recently. Google has brought this system into life for pedestrians.

This new feature is named as ‘Live Appearance’. Live Appearance feature is being used with the rear camera of the phone. Firstly, you should activate augmented reality feature on your phone. After that, you open Google Maps and write the place where you want to go. It’s enough to make your camera active for a short time. With augmented reality system, you can view live visual mode where you want to go and the alleys you’ll turn around.

Live visual feature makes you go to your destination by showing your destination point on your camera. You don’t need to understand where you should go anymore. You can watch the alleys, strrets from the phone screen and you can understand where you should turn. System allows fast directions by planted arrows on the live visual. So, if you know the points you should turn and you can reach your destination without getting lost.

Does Google Maps’ augmented reality’s live visual feature can be used? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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