Google May Have Sent Your Photos to Someone Else!

Google reported that the photos and videos belonging to users were transferred to backup archives incorrectly. In our news...

Google made a statement about users of Google Photos application in the past. It was reported that the photos and videos belonging to users were transferred to backup archives incorrectly. This means that one person’s photos or videos have been mixed up with another user’s archive. How Google made this mistake is still debated. Think the number of all google images on worldwide.

Where was sent to data in the Google Photos app?

This technical glitch was fixed after days. However, if the videos and photos of the users were deciphered in a way that reflects their private lives within these in four days, scale of the problem could get bigger. Big companies like Google making such mistakes; With each passing day, concerns about information security on the internet increase.

Google Photos has 1 billion users. 15 GB you have got on google photos storage. This error affected about 0.01 percent of users. But even a single person being affected by such errors to other users can add a negative perspective. Confidentiality agreements are accepted before using applications. However, Google needs to fall more on the issue of backing up and storing this private information, which is important for people.

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When talking about sensitive information and private life, we shouldn’t look at in relation to just our personal lives. At the same time, Google Photos and similar applications are used for company related files, audio recordings, videos and photos in many sectors of business world. In this case, not just us, all companies and its employees are in danger.

Google’s description was found insufficient!

Suffering from this error a user, shared a Google description email on Twitter. Said, error was really big and it argued, Google made an insufficient and brief explanation for this subject. Google only suggested users affected by this problem to back up their content and delete previous backups. Users waited for Google to make more explanations on this subject that their rights were violated. For these reasons, some users still have questions.

Google Photos can take some precautions to avoid this problem. For example, it can make google photos storage service for data more secure with paid options. Or it can switch to the local storage system and make this more secure. So, can be prevented technical errors that may occur in the future.

So, do you use Google Photos and similar storage applications? Do you find it safe? You can share in comments.

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