Google Will Delete Your Data Automatically!

Google have become a part in our lives. Nearly all of us uses Google at least once a day to search something. Also we use Google for e-mail, Google Drive, Google Maps and Google Translate. When you’re using Google a lot right now let’s give some information about it’s most recent feature. With this feature it’ll delete your data automatically. Here are the details.

How does Google’s automatic deletion works?

With the most recent feature added into Google. With this newest feature users now being able to automatically delete such as direction history, web and application activity. User will decide automatic deletion’s duration ans subjects.

After a short while Google have announced it’s formal blog that they have put the ability of automatic deletion feature. Users will now being able to set their location history and activity history.

Google, look at your favourite news if you like, even if you want to find the fasters driving notes, actually aims to bring ease with their products. By doing this if you make it open your direction history or web and application activity settings, with this data Google will offer it’s products to be much more useful to you. For example it might recommend you a close restoraunt which you might like it or it can make your searches continue from where you stop.

How Google will use automatic deletion feature?

Google does studies to keep your data safe and private. Finally, by taking feedback from it’s users they’ve decided that to bring new features to user files to govern and delete files.

Let’s tell for people who doesn’t know: In your recent direction history, even more you can access to your Google account easily. Also if you like you can delete your parent’s a part of them or all of them manually or with your hand in your Google account. With automatic deletion comes into our lives, with this recent feature there is another one of them. This new choice actually manages you to govern your data much more easier.

Well how Google uses automatic deletion feature and how it Works? What should you do if you want to use this feature? What’s the purpose of Google’s most recent feature? In the continuation of the news.


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