Guide For Using Google Translate While Offline!

Here's the guide for using Google Translate without an internet connection....

Even though there are lots of apps that can help us when abroad; most requires internet connection. Google Translate has offline features in case of no internet connection. So, it’s possible to translate offline. But, you have to download a language package.

How to use Google Translate without the Internet?

For Android and iOS, Google Translate is free of charge. But, you’ll need to go offline translation from settings in Android. You can choose + for translation purposes. Then, click for download.

But the offline version is significantly weaker than online according to users. But, Google keeps working to make this version more natural.

According to statements made by executives; offline translations improved 12 percent. Even more, 59 languages word quality increased.

Now, Google Translate supports 10 languages including Arabic and Bengali.

Even more, Google Translate makes people’s lives easier with another feature. This feature allows the text to be translated for more than 50 languages.

To do this, log in to the app and put the camera on the text you want to translate. Then, click to halt the translation. Then, the text is sent to Google.

Do you use Google Translate? Which translation app you prefer to use? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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