How Should Be A Good Blog Post?

One of the biggest problems in blog writing is how good and quality a blog post should be. There are so many different recommendations on this subject ranging from 275 words to 2500 words. To do this, CoSchedule has compiled and assembled 12 studies to provide a more specific overview of the various research findings and to obtain a more accurate answer.

We have listed the most prominent items in infographic. Using them, you can determine the ideal length for your blog content and content purpose. Here’s what you need to know about your blog post:

According to Kit’s State of Blogging Reports, most bloggers use WordPress to publish their content. 69% of them are professional bloggers and write more than 1000 words. One more source confirms this. According to the Orbit Media study conducted for 2017, the average number of blog words is shown as 1142. So it is obvious that a good blog article should exceed 1000 words.

In 2017, data is about 12% less compared to 2014, producing short content (500 words or less) and 6 times more than 2000 words content. Hubspot observed that between 2250 and 2500 words were the best in organic search. Similarly, CoSchedule found that 2500 words were usually in the best order. Buffer, blog posts should run about 1600 words suggested.

The Write Practices says the length of the article depends on the goals. For example: If you want more comments on your blog post, your article should be about 275 words in length. If you have social sharing purposes, you can write between 600 and 1500 words. Or, if your goal is to sort your content on Google; should be at least 2500 words.

Snap Agency has predicted the frequency of writing and found that 66% of bloggers published weekly in their research had a chance to get a customer on the website. Apart from this, Search Engine Land has made a research on how much meta descriptions should be and it has an ideal length of 230 characters.

Most of the blog writers who publish weekly write 500-1000 words long articles. According to many sources, long content density also varies. In WordPress, while 69% of long content writers; According to CopyPress, long content is about 40.54%.

As, we will summarize the recommendations for a good blog post for you in 3.


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