How Should Be A Good Blog Post?

As, we will summarize the recommendations for a good blog post for you in 3:

The length of your blog post depends on your goals; however, a good blog post shouldn’t be less than 1000 words. If your goal is to comment; then you can write content around 275 words that can keep your word count low. But if you want to share on social media, you should write 600-1500 words. If you are aiming to get higher rankings on Google, which is the purpose of most bloggers, then you should prepare some more ambitious content and bring your word count to 2 times more than average, 2500 words.

You should also pay attention to your title and meta tags. The title of a good manuscript should be at least 11 words; the subtitle should consist of 8 words. This seems a bit long for us, but of course, it is of interest to listen to what experts say. Your meta tags must contain 230 characters.

Entering content on a weekly basis increases sales and traffic rates. Try to enter the content at least weekly, not long-term periods.

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