How To Change Background On Zoom

It's possible to change Zoom background. But how? How to change background on zoom?

It’s possible to change the back plan on Zoom. As Zoom is one of the most frequently used video call apps; we might not want to show our environment we’re in. Or, we might want to use a specific picture. So, it’s possible to change Zoom background picture. But how? How to change background on zoom?

How To Change Zoom Background?

As we do most of our jobs online due to coronavirus; many video call apps became popularized.

While it’s possible to change backstage pictures with many alternatives. Even more, you can choose from your galleries. Here are the things you should do to change your Zoom backstage picture;

-Enter Zoom,

-Click Meeting Settings,

-Choose virtual backstage and activate the settings if closed

Then, registered backstage pictures will be opened.

Which Background Pictures Can Used On Zoom?

-This Is Fine, a cartoon that displays a burning house.

-Hogwarts theme backstage.

-Space ship pictures for making yourself feel like this one.

-For Star Trek lovers, you might choose a space ship that took a long time to take off.

How To Change Background On Group Meetings?

To change the backstage; here are the steps:

-Log in to your Zoom account.

-Choose group management.

-Choose your group name.

-Click on settings.

-And choose a backstage picture.

Your backstage picture will change after you’ve completed the steps.

We explained how to change your background on zoom. You have learned change zoom background. Which video call app you use? Do you require changing a backstage on Zoom or do you need to use a background picture?

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