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It's must to use a strong password to protect your Gmail account, from possible attacks. How to change the Gmail password? 4 tips, in our news...

The number of services we receive over the internet is quite high in today’s world. Especially Gmail which Google’s free email service, is quite popular in the world. It’s must to use a strong password to protect our Gmail account, which has so much data about us, from possible attacks. If you don’t have a strong password and have used the same password with other accounts, creating a new password can protect you from dangers. So, How to change the Gmail password? 4 practical tips for all devices, in our news..

How to change the Gmail password? 4 practical tips for changing a Gmail password:

You can change your Gmail password from both your computer and your mobile devices. If you have forgotten your password, you have to renew the password. Let’s tell you how to do all this step by step:

1-How to change Gmail password from desktop devices?

Here’s what you need to do to change your gmail account password on desktop devices:

  • Firstly, sign in with your Google account through your personal Gmail account.
  • Click the icon in the top right corner on the Google page.
  • Then do two-factor authentication, after authentication is complete, you will then be logged on.
  • After you sign in, go to the Security settings.
  • Security settings Click on the “Security” option, and click the sign-in tab on Google from the options.
  • Click the “Password” tab to change the Gmail password.
  • At this stage, you need to log back in to authenticate.
  • A new password will be requested after authentication.
  • İt should be considered here; a strong password consisting of numbers, uppercase / lowercase letters and punctuation will be entered.
  • After the new password is created, click on the “Change Password”.

After you follow these steps, you will have completed the process of changing your gmail account password.

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 2-How to change the Gmail Password from Android devices?

Here’s what you need to do to change the gmail password from your Android device:

  • Firstly, log in to your Gmail account.
  • Tap on the Security tab at the top of the page.
  • Select the title “Sign in to Google”.
  • Tap the password option, sign in.
  • Set your new password and select the” Change Password ” icon.

3-What You need to do to change your Gmail password from your Apple devices:

Here’s what you need to do to change your gmail password from Apple device:

  • Open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Under the menu title, select Settings>Account>Manage your Google account.
  • If the Gmail application is not installed on your device, go to “”.
  • Select “Personal Information”at the top of the page.
  • Click on “profile “and then click on” Password” under this section.
  • Lastly, select “Change Password” for the newly set password.

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4- How to Renew Gmail Password?

You need your old password to change your Gmail account password. In this case, users who don’t remember their old passwords need to renew their Gmail password. You can follow these steps for Gmail account recovery:

  • At this stage, Google will ask a few questions to confirm whether you have an account.
  • Then, it will send you an email to reset the password.

Let’s state this immediately, the new password that you create shouldn’t be a password that you used before. So you can complete the gmail password renewal process that paying attention new password has never been used before.

So, Have you ever changed your Gmail account password before? Share in the comments.

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