How to Change Yahoo Mail Password!

Yahoo password is safe to change it once in a while. You can reset your yahoo mail password either from your web browser or mobile.  Tips, in this news...

Even if you have a strong yahoo password, it is always safe to change it once in a while. This will keep your account secure. If you have your account hacked, it is always a good idea to know how to change your yahoo mail password.

Figuring out how to change yahoo mail password is simple, once you learn a few simple steps. You can reset your yahoo mail password either from your web browser or mobile.

Steps to change Yahoo mail password

If you use Yahoo, and you’re wondering how to keep your account safe, proceed to change your yahoo mail password. It is important to change your password at least every six months. remember to store the password in a safe file.

To change your Yahoo mail passwords Follow these few easy steps, depending on whether you use mobile or a web browser:

change yahoo mail password moblobi

Changing password from a web browser

  1. Open your browser and type
  2. Hit your account avatar on the top right, and click settings.
  3. Hit äccount security on the left menu.
  4. Click the “change password” option.
  5. Enter new password and click “confirm new password”

How to yahoo mail password change on mobile

If you use Yahoo on a mobile app, do the following to change your password:

  1. Above the “inbox”, find your account avatar on the top left menu.
  2. Click “settings”
  3. Click “Manage Accounts” in the menu.
  4. Find your account in the menu and click “Account Info”
  5. Click “Security Settings” and enter the account password if necessary.
  6. When you see the Account Security Page, hit “Change Password”
  7. Enter your new username and password.
  8. Hit continue and your password will be saved.

Follow these simple steps to change your YahooMail password from your web browser or mobile device.

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