How To Do Internet Speed Test

Nobody wants to have slow internet. So how to do internet speed test?

Almost all of us are now addicted to the Internet at work, in our daily work, and for many other things. And no one wants to have slow internet while sending an important email at work or watching a movie at home. Before looking for the slowness problem in your browser, computer, router, the first thing to do is to test your internet speed. So, what kind of data will the result you get in the test provide you? To understand this, the first thing you need to know is what a good internet speed is. So how to do internet speed test?

What Is a Good Internet Speed?

Internet speed is usually referred to as download speed, not upload speed, and is expressed in Mbps. A speed of at least 3 Mbps is considered a good upload speed, while a speed of at least 25 Mbps is considered a good download speed. Despite these figures stated by the Federal Communications Commission in the definition of fast internet, a house in the USA must have at least 100 Mbps to be fast, in order to allow the use of 2-5 users at the same time. Considering your daily internet activities, you can find your own answer to the question of what is a good internet speed and choose a plan that suits your needs. When calculating your Internet usage, you should consider that a typical web page requires 1 megabyte to load, an audio stream requires approximately 51 megabytes per hour, an average video stream requires 500 megabytes per hour, and e-mailing requires approximately 10 kilobytes per hour.

What Affects Internet Speed?

More than one factor usually plays a role in slow and fast internet speed.

  • More devices connected to the same network for Wi-Fi connection means that the internet speed decreases.
  • The hardware of the computer with a weak processor also slows down the internet speed.
  • For Wi-Fi routes away from devices, using a wireless repeater makes sense in terms of doubling the strength of the signal.
  • Physical barriers, especially water and metal, between devices and routers can also reduce internet speed. Removing such items, if any, will help you increase your internet speed.
  • The use of many applications that require internet use at the same time is one of the reasons for the slowdown of the internet. Closing the apps that are running unnecessarily in the background will help solve this problem.
  • Malware or viruses that connect to the internet without your permission may be consuming your computer’s resources and slowing your internet speed. To prevent this, you can install an antivirus program.

How Do Internet Speed Tests Work?

With speed tests, you can see how fast your internet is. Internet Service Providers promise speed up to a point. If you can’t reach the promised speed, it may be time to measure your internet speed and call your Service Provider. You have decided to do an internet speed test online, now let’s see what stages you will encounter in order.

When you start the internet test, your location and the nearest test server are determined by the client. Internet speed test sends a signal to the server and receives a response. This way it measures the round trip of the signal in milliseconds. After this is complete, the download test part begins. The client downloads a small piece of data from among multiple connections to the server. By doing this, what the test measures is how long it takes to retrieve the piece of data and how much of your network resources are being used. The free space you have is detected by the client, accordingly more connections are opened, more data is downloaded. The client downloads additional pieces of data to provide a download speed and measures the amount downloaded during this time. The next step, the upload test, actually works the same as the download test, the only difference is that it uploads data from the computer to the server, not from the server to the computer.

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How Does Google Internet Speed Test Work?

We have explained how to use internet speed test free for those who think whether internet service providers provide the speed service that I paid for. Among the many technology companies that offer this service, you can test your connection immediately thanks to internet speed test Google.

Before testing internet speed, it is important and necessary to close all applications first for best results. Enter in your browser. If the speed test does not appear when you click the speed test link, you may have blocked your Pop-ups. If so, temporarily unblock pop-ups so you can run the speed test. Start internet speed test Google by clicking the play button. Google internet speed test checks your upload speed and download speed for you and displays the results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Internet Speed Test

Google internet speed test is one of the fastest and most efficient among internet speed tests online. It can take almost twice as long to run another internet test that rivals Google. Its results match those of other competent internet speed test free. It has an easy and understandable interface as it does not contain ads, and the test is quick to load. Being able to see where the test location is while performing this test is a plus for reliability.

Although it shows the test location, the lack of options to select, store, share the test location is one of the negative aspects of internet speed test Google. Overall, the overall processing time is faster than many comparable internet tests, but the ping times are longer than most others. Another problem is that the test does not provide much additional information such as IP address, internet provider information.

To get maximum efficiency from Google internet speed test, make sure your device’s operating system is updated with the latest version. Note that only one tab should be open while the speed test is running. And if possible, the computer on which you will run the test is a new model with up-to-date network hardware.

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