How to Download YouTube Music Videos?

How to download YouTube music videos? How to listen offline youtube videos or music? Practiclal tips, in our news...

We can consider YouTube as the biggest video platform worldwide. People share, produce, interact through this platform and also watch it to spend nice time. There are bunch of different content from music to news, funny material etc. Do you have spare time to kill? No worries, because YouTube is there for you. Or are you looking for a food recipe? There is YouTube for you again. But what if you want the youtube videos or music to yourself in order to listen offline? This article will lead you on how to download YouTube music videos very easily.

Listen Youtube Music Videos Offline with Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium contains ad-free video, the choice to continue playing videos or music “in the background” (meaning the audio will last if you diminish the app), allows music and video downloads, and access to YouTube original movies and TV series. This way is a plus for you to download YouTube videos legally, because other options may bring you some copyright issues if you share someone else’s video.

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Other Method

Using Y2Mate. It is a free website that helps you download YouTube videos. Firstly, go to YouTube website from any web browser from your PC, tablet, cell phone etc. Secondly, press on the video which you desire to upload, the video will start playing. Thirdly, copy the URL of the video. To do this, click the web address at the top of our web browser. Then right click the chosen address which brings the menu. After that, click “Copy”. After that, go to the Y2Mate website in your preferred web browser. Paste the URL to the shown bar. Click “Start” in the pink button. Choose the format that you want to upload. Lastly, save the video to your computer. If it doesn’t start automatically, follow the instructions to save the file manually.

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