How to Know What is My IP Address?

How to know what your IP address is, both in Windows and Mac? How to learn what is my ip? What is my public ip or local ip address? In our news...

Knowing where to find your IP address could be an essential for you when it comes to technical problem solving and other related issues like network etc. It is basically an identity number of yours. IP addresses divide in two segments; public/external and local/internal IP addresses. ISP, which stands for internet service provider gives out your public IP address. So how to learn what is my ip?

Despite that, your local IP address is allocated by the router on your own network and in every device that you have, this could be a computer, each has an individual local IP address. In this article, we will show you how to know what your IP address is, both in Windows and Mac.

What is my ip?

1- What is my public ip address?

There are several online tools on the internet which are IP address locater and gives you your public IP address detailly. Or simply, you can just Google it as: what is my IP address, and it will give you your answer.

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2- What is my local ip address?

  • Windows 10:

Choose “Settings” after you press right on the Windows logo. Choose “Network & Internet”. Choose your preferred connection, either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Press “Network” in the center column. Here you can find your IP address in the description of “IPv4 address”.

  • Windows 7, 8/8.1:

Press the Network Connection logo, choose “Open Network and Sharing System”. Double-click “Local Area Connection”. Then, press “Details” in which you can see your IP address.

  • Windows Vista:

Open the Windows Start menu and click right on “Network”. Choose “Properties”. Press “View Status” in “Wireless Network Connection” or for wired connections “Local Area Connection”. Choose “Details” and in the upcoming window you can find your IP address.

  • Windows XP:

Open the Windows Start menu and click right on “My Network Places”. Choose “Properties” and the Network Connections tab will show up. Click Twice “Wireless Network Connection”, or wired connections, “Local Area Connection”. Open the Support screen and choose “Details”. There is your IP address.

  • Mac:

In the Apple menu, choose “System Preferences”. Then choose “Network”. Press on the network connection in the left line. You can see your IP address if it is an Ethernet connection. For Wi-Fi choose the option and press on the “Advanced…” button, then “TCP/IP” button. So you could find your IP address.

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