How To Open An Online Banking Account?

If you want to save time and make your job easier, read our article and learn how to open an online banking account.

In the busy life we live, we do many of our jobs online and we are getting more and more used to it day by day. Many of us do their banking online, but they do not know the answer to the question of can I open a bank account online without going to the bank. If you want to save time and make your job easier, read our article and learn how to open an online banking account.

What Do You Need Before Opening a Bank Account Online?

Create an online bank account without the hassle of going to the bank, but what information will you need to do this? Prepare the personal information we will indicate and an online bank account create in a few minutes.

  • You must provide your social security number and date of birth. If you are not a US citizen, you must provide your ID number.
  • To prove who you are to the bank, you must present your government-issued ID, valid driver’s license, USA military ID, or your ID number on your passport.
  • Banks also require your home address, e-mail address and phone number to be able to communicate. You can also give your postal address and office box as the physical address.
  • Banks usually require a deposit for opening a new account. You will need another credit or debit card to pay this fee.

Some banks may require you to send a photocopy of some information via fax or e-mail to ensure the authenticity, although this is essentially an online bank account create process. It may also require you to sign a signature card in order to begin serving. A parent signature is required for minors to open an online banking account. With some banks, you can also make the necessary signatures with e-signature and start using the bank account you opened online right away.

Are There Any Difficulties in Opening an Online Bank Account?

We said that the easiest way for those looking for time savings and convenience is to create an online bank account, but are there any difficulties we may encounter while doing this, and if so, let’s take a look at them.

  • Not being a US citizen: Although this process is very easy for US citizens, it is not impossible for non-US citizens, but it may require different procedures such as going to a bank branch.
  • Being under 18: Minors can have a bank account, but they need an adult’s co-signature and a physical visit to the bank to do so.
  • Your credit history: Banks check your credit history when people open an account. If you do not have a credit history, there will be no problem, otherwise you may be asked to visit the bank with your ID.
  • Checking account history: If you have traded with many checking accounts in the past, there is a low chance of opening a new checking account online if fraud is suspected. If this situation occurred as a result of an error or misunderstanding, you can go to the branch and solve the problem.
  • Opening a business account: If the account you want to open online is a business account, your business establishment documents, operating agreement, establishment agreement, business licenses and permits should be notified in addition to the information and documents we have specified.
  • Opening an entity account: Banks allow people to open a bank account online, but if the account is for a business or organization, you may need to mail the account forms or go to the bank.

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How To Open an Online Bank Account Step by Step?

Opening an online bank account is an easy process that won’t take you ten minutes. So, what steps can you take to complete this simple process?

  1. First, compare accounts and determine which bank is right for you. Consider features like minimum balance requirements, monthly fees, ATM withdrawal fees, overdraft protection, and more when making your decision.
  2. Is the bank account you want to open for a single person or a joint account? If you do not want anyone else to access your money, open a single account, or if you want to share access to the account with your family member, business partner or any other person, open a joint account. In this case, the person with whom you have opened a joint account can use the money as they wish, just like you.
  3. Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the account you will be holding an find out how much of your money is insured.
  4. To open an online bank account, enter the website with the information and documents we have specified. Do not leave your computer unattended for a long period of time so that the web page does not time out while typing the requested information. A few minutes after completing your online application and submitting it to the bank, you will receive an email with received instructions.
  5. Verify your identity to confirm your online bank account.
  6. Make the opening deposit.
  7. Activate your debit card online or by phone by signing it.
  8. Your account is ready for you to use deposits, withdrawals and all other banking transactions.

If you download the internet banking application from your bank’s website, you can easily manage your money.

What Is the Easiest Bank Account to Open Online?

After answering the question of can I open an online bank account without going to the bank, it’s time to choose which bank is the easiest to open an online account with.

Discover is a smart choice for opening an online bank account. Just enter some basic information such as identity information, contact information, social security number. You will receive a confirmation email after depositing the money. By confirming this e-mail, you will have access to the bank account you want.

If you need assistance, you can contact the customer service, which is available 24/7. Opening an online bank account is as easy as any transaction you make with your mobile phone with Discover.

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