How to Search Images on Google?

You don't have to search for text only. Google allows you to search with Google images. So how to search with images on Google?

Google has become the most frequently used search engine in our daily lives. Whatever we are curious about; millions of topics are searched on Google every day. But you don’t have to search for text only. Because it allows you to search with Google images. So how to search with images on Google?

Google can provide instant answers to everything users search for in the search bar. Users usually look at the website results that contain the topics they are curious about on Google. Many internet users are not even aware of the visual search feature on Google. So let’s see how to search an image in Google?

3 Tips For Image Search In Google Images

1. How to search for an image on Google?

  • Go to
  • Enter a description of the picture you want to find
  • The results listed on your screen will be transformed into images.

If you want, you can search from image as for another option. For this, you can type the keyword related to the image you want to find on Google and then click on the Google images tab at the top.

2. How to download images after searching from Google images?

After the search process is over, you can download the image you find to your desktop or mobile device. You can follow the steps below to download the images you find to your computer:

  • Right-click on the image you found from the “” link.
  • Choose ‘Save Image As’
  • Choose the file you want to save the image.

In this way, the image you find will be downloaded to your device. Here are the things you need to do to upload the visual content you find with image search to your mobile device;

  • Tap the picture you selected.
  • Long press the picture.
  • Click Download image.

how to search images on google

3. How to find copyright-free images with Google Image Search

Some of the images you come across in Google image search results may require royalties. But there are also free images. You can follow the steps below to find free images:

  • Click on Google’s advanced search link “”.
  • Go to “Containing all of these words” at the top of the page.
  • Enter here a word related to what you want to search for.
  • Select the license type of the image from the “Usage Rights” field on the screen.
  • Click on Advanced Search.

You can also upload photos if you wish. Thus, other internet users can use the image you uploaded using Google Images. To do this, you need to share the image on a website. Because within Google Images, users cannot directly upload images.

So, have you used it before? Have you added images to Google? You can share your experiences in the comment section.

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