How To Upload Your Own Song On Spotify

Spotify hosts many artists and songs. It's not even just music, there are also podcasts in it. So how to upload your own song on Spotify?

Spotify is a music application that most of us can use comfortably from either our tablet or phone. Spotify hosts many artists and songs. It’s not even just music, there are also podcasts in it. So how to upload your own song on Spotify?

If You Are An Amateur Singer, How Can You Upload Your Song To Spotify?

Today, many musicians can upload music to Spotify by using one of the record companies that Spotify has contracted or works with companies that allow independent musicians to distribute and upload.

If you are not signed with a record label and you are an amateur artist; It may be better for you to use these three companies that many amateur artists in the world work with. Awal, CD Baby, and Distrokid. Distrokid and CD Baby companies can be used by anyone who can afford their initial costs; Awal has a moderation system. Awal is a platform founded by the famous Dj R3HAB and they select the artists according to their performances ready. Those who cannot introduce themselves in the digital environment and do not have a ready audience cannot enter Awal.

CD Baby can be considered as the simplest of these three platforms. You can upload your music if you pay for it and all of the income you earn is yours. Distrokid offers you 3 plans after you subscribe to the site like CD Baby. After choosing the content of the plans it offers, you can complete the Spotify music upload process. In short, we can say that this is the way to upload songs for Spotify.

How Can You Verify Your Spotify Profile If You Are A Singer?

If you are an artist and want to verify your Spotify account, you need to verify the profile you used on Spotify for Artists. Make sure to identify yourself as the manager or artist during the verification process. The result of the verification will b sent to your email address.

Your artist profile is now your home page on Spotify. All the music that you have produced will be on your profile now. Also, people who do not know you can access information about you from your profile. One of the features of your artist profile is that you can update your pictures, write a biography for the audience to recognize you and highlight the playlist you have created for yourself.

We explained how to upload your song to Spotify. So, have you uploaded music or podcasts to Spotify?

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