How to Use Gmail

Learn How to Create Gmail New Account and How to Use Gmail

Gmail is Google’s email service provider. It also allows you to attach files from Google Drive easily. Around 1.5 Billion people use Gmail worldwide, and it is the main email service provider for many companies worldwide.

Create Gmail New Account

To get started, create a new Gmail account following some easy steps:

Enter in your browser

Click create an account on the bottom left

Then enter your first name, last name, your Gmail username and password.

Click next, then enter your phone number for 2 step verification to keep your account secure.

Hit next and enter the code sent to your smartphone.

In the next page, enter some personal information, like name and birthday.

Then hit next, agree with the terms of services, and go to your Gmail account page.

How to Use Gmail

For a successful Gmail Login, enter, your username and passwords, and click next.

You can send and receive emails, create your address book, block spam emails, set up your calendar, and other cool features.

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You can also set up a New Meeting or join a meeting with your colleagues. Just hit the New Meeting button on the left corner. It’s easy and convenient to set up.

If you receive an email attachment, you can save it to Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage, and synchronization service. Just click on the attachment to preview on Gmail, and hit the Google Drive Icon next to the printing Icon. This feature allows you to store your files safely in the Cloud.

Organize your emails easily with sub-labels. On the top left panel, where it says Inbox, scroll down and click more. At the bottom, you will see an option to add a new label. Name the label, and you are all set. This feature will help you store your emails by category instead of mixing up your inbox emails.

It is the most used email provider in the world. Use these Gmail features and others that this email provider offers and take advantage of this powerful email provider.

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