How To Use Google Translate Without Internet?

Do you know you can use Google Translate without internet?

To use most applications, it is necessary to have an internet connection. This includes many foreign language translation apps. However, it is not possible for most applications to access the translation service, especially when traveling abroad and if our internet connection is limited. One of the most used translation app is Google Translate. Google Translate has the ability to use it offline when users don’t have an internet connection. It allows you to translate offline. So how to use google translate without internet?

How To Use Google Translate Offline

Applications provide many benefits to our lives. However, you must have an internet connection to use most of the apps. On the other hand, Google Translate includes the offline use feature so that users do not experience this unjust treatment. It is possible to use the application offline, which is to translate offline. However, those who want to use this feature need to download the language pack. It’s pretty simple to do this.

Google Translate app is free for iOS and Android users. If you want to download the language pack to your Android device, for offline use, you have to go to Settings and press the Offline Translation option. You can choose the one you want by touching the “+” sign that appears. And you need to press the download option.

But let’s just point out: it is shared by users that the features of offline mode are weaker than online mode. Google is working on this issue. It even made an update announcement to make the offline translation service normal.

According to the announcement made by the administrators, improvements were made 12 percent in offline translations. Also, word quality was improved in 59 languages, especially in Hindi, Korean, Polish, Japanese, and Thai.

Google Translate application currently includes offline support in a total of ten languages including Arabic, Tamil, and Bengali.

Also, the Google Translate application has another feature that will make it easier for the users. The name of this feature is to translate text in pictures. Thanks to this feature, you can also translate the texts in the photos that you have taken before or that you have just taken from the camera. This feature can be used for more than 50 languages. What you have to do is quite simple:

Log in to the app and point your camera at the text you want to translate. Then click pause translation. After scanning, the photo is sent to Google for text recognition.

So do you use Google Translate application? What other translation apps do you use?

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