How to Use Skype?

The platforms that provide voice and video conversation are quite on the agenda. One of these platforms is Skype. What is Skype? How is it used? In our news...

The place of services and platforms offered through technology and the internet in our lives is becoming more and more evident. Even, lots of the things we used to use are replaced by different solutions. Especially in the recent years, the platforms that provide voice and video conversation are quite on the agenda. One of the most important among these platforms is Skype. So,What is Skype? How is it used? Tips, in our news

What is Skype?

Skype, which was released in 2003 and is headquartered in Luxembourg, is a software that is part of Microsoft. We can even say that it’s one of the applications that are enabling communication over the internet. The application allows you to chat with voice and video.

The Skype platform works with VolP technology, which enables voice transmission over the internet. We can say that VolP, which is used by many companies today, is shortly an internet phone. The biggest advantage of using VolP technology is that it’s quite low cost according to landline use.

The application which is increasingly use in daily life; it’s used frequently, especially by people who have acquaintances abroad. Thus, it provides them to talk without very cost charging to the phone bill.

how To use skype moblobi

Skype is used with skype business by individuals in business life outside of everyday life. For example, most of the job interviews and meetings can be conducted through the application. It’s also preferred by those who want to communicate with the distant colleagues, or by home office employees.

The application is designed for one-on-one and group chats. By the way, let’s just say this point immediately; The users can be create a group of up to 50 people free of charge through the application. Messages can be send to these created groups or they can communicate with the participants in the group by audio and video. Those who want to reach more people and users who want to send calls or sms to phones need to pay a low charge. But let’s just say that state: the platform at issue can’t be used as a substitute of a normal phone.

How to use Skype?

Users can be use the Skype application on the computer, mobile phone or tablet. It is very easy to use. Let’s mention it step by step:

  • Firstly, you need to download skype from the address “”
  • After the file is downloaded to your device, perform the installation by the “Run” option.
  • After the application has been installation in the device, log in to the application with the “Add Account” option.
  • After these steps are completed, the next process is adding contacts. For this, you can add contacts you want to talk to from the your contacts list with the Add Contact symbol or the “Contacts” tab.
  • The chat can be started by click on the names added to the list. You can use the” Start A Group Conversation ” option to make a group chat.

So, Do you use Skype? What other the applications do you prefer for video chat or voice or video chat? You can share it from the comment section.

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