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Blogs have become an important part of social communication for every job. There are a number of blogs that share news on different topics and content, promote products and services, and publish comments. Some of them have very high quality, although others very low. Successful blogs can increase the reach and visibility of your business in search engines and social media, or your blog can help you build your business by enabling you to become a thought leader in the industry. In other words, blogs play an important role in entrepreneurship as well as creating transformation and customer loyalty.

Why are blogs so important?

Why are blogs so important? In a research on Blog2Social says that 81% of enterprises reported that company blogs are critical for their businesses. 71% of these enterprises have emphasized that their visibility in the industry has increased thanks to blogs. Even 69% of these enterprises have linked the success of creating leadership to blogs.

So why blogs are so important for businesses and why they fail ? Inconsistent publication, lack of publicity, content quality can be counted among these reasons. However, one of the most important reasons for this is that there is no valuable content in the blog. Many blogs fail because they are copying or running insufficient, worthless content . Valuable content is so important for successful blog. Content relevance has a great impact on how your content is ranked in search engines and social media news feeds.

The quality of content is also very important!

The quality of content is also very important in terms of SEO. It will give you the advantage of providing content for people’s needs in search engines. Of course, just because it is wanted or popular content should not be published. What is important here is to produce popular and valuable content that is appropriate to your main theme but which is sought after. If your content matches your target audience’s current interests and contains the keywords and content they’re looking for, this will positively affect your ranking.

You can do a few simple things to improve your SEO and promotion efforts to attract more users to your blog and reach your content . Social Media Today has gathered it around 5 items, we’ve compiled these 5 key strategies to expand your blog and increase your content access:

1- Listen to your audience:

The better you know your audience, the more interested you can create content that attracts their attention. Pay attention to the issues that create significant interaction on social media, of course, to those related to your subject. Follow your social media followers and their comments. Participate in social communities and discussions. Look for frequently asked questions by this audience about your subject, fill in the gaps in the coverage area. Check whether there is a trend that will highlight your publications. Create useful content and provide practical tips to help your audience remember your blog as a useful resource for information. For example, if you’re using wordpress for your blog, the Easy Blog Ideas plugin and the Buzzsumo plugin to help you find the best performing content are recommended at this point.

2- Add your keywords to your pages and feeds:

Keywords play an important role in optimizing your pages and publications for search engines and your target audience. Perform a comprehensive keyword search. For this purpose, you can give priority to the hashtags with the focus topics of your audience and the search terms they use. Include them as far as possible in your meta tags, descriptions, headers, links and image descriptions. You can use keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Long Tail Keywords for your keyword research.


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