Interesting Data About Internet Use!

Technology develops rapidly. Numerous technologies and digital products are entering our lives everyday. Well, what does numeric data shows about the worlds of technology, digital and internet? Here are the details.

More than half of world’s population uses internet!

Every year, Marry Meeker’s Internet Trends Report shares deep analysis and detection that influences deeply in technology sector some of them are about e-commerce, internet use, innovation and digital world. 2019’s Internet Trends Report contains interesting data. We’ve compiled some data that attracts your attention and data that you should know.

In 2018, 3.8 billion people uses internet. China and India are the countries with the most internet use. US, Indonesia and Brazil follows them. Let’s state this information right now: Turkey scores the 15th spot in internet use at this list.

We consume 6 hours of digital content per day!

We spend a lot of time on digital world. While we say news sites, messaging apps, mails and social media, we spend most of our day consuming internet and digital content. As research shows, people spends time 5.9 hours per day on digital media. So, we’re looking at the screens of our spare time from work. We spend 3.3 hours of this time on mobile. We spend 2 hours on portable computers and 0.6 hours on tablets. As we all know that we spend the most time on our phones.

Mobile’s rise sorars in internet use!

Americans spend 6.3 hours per day on digital mediain 2018. This ratio is 7 percent more than in 2017. They spend this time more on their portable devices; so their mobile phones. While internet use was mostly conducted by desktops; in 2018, mobile has duplicated this ratio.

Does e-commerce is booming or shrinking? Does traditional commerce or e-commerce is more dominant? Which situation does digital ads consumption? Does increase in spending cause something? Are there technology brands in 10 of the most valuable brands? Who’s at the top? Continues on the news.


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