Interesting Facts About Internet

What Are Some Interesting Facts About The Internet?

While many things are happening at once on the internet; those facts makes us thinking we have a lot to discover. Even more, we don’t have lots of information about it. Despite internet knows lots of things about us, we don’t know too much about it. What are the interesting facts about internet?

What Are Some Interesting Facts About The Internet?

1-While we connected internet in 90s, first internet connection was made on October 29, 1969 on 10.30 pm.

2-First website was launched on 1990.

3-First website was launched by Tim Berners-Lee and it’s still functional today. It tells what is the internet and how to use it.

4-There are more than 4 billion websites according to researches.

5-85 percent of the internet traffic is made from videos.

6-204 million mails are being sent every minute.

7-Only 49 percent of humans create traffic on the internet.

8-More than 100.000 websites are being launched with “.com” connection.

9-The first transaction has been made in 1971. And it was cannabis.

10-First e-commerce transaction was made with the sale of Sting’s “Ten Summoner’s Tales” CD. It’s been sold at Netmarket for $12.48.

11-More devices connects to the internet than humans.

12-37 percent of websites contains secual content.

13-More than 30.000 websites are being hacked by hackers everyday.

14-Wifi’s fi has no meaning. They only used fi to calibrate HiFi.

15-According to survey, 9 million people on England haven’t used the internet.

16-LOG text is the first message on the internet.

17-Unregistered pages are 500 times more than registered pages on the internet.

18-Internet is controlled by 7 people. All are living on different continents.

19-Still, internet is maintained with cables. Some projects are geared towards internet connection from space.

Do you have more surprising facts about the internet?

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