Internet Connection Problems Started to be Affect Our Relationships

Staying in touch on social media sometimes could break relationships. How Does? Details in our news…

Staying in touch is an indication that we value today. Even staying in touch has become a responsibility to all our partners. When your battery is depleted, your phone has malfunctioned, you forget it at home, it does not work or it is stolen; so somehow we’ve become a major concern and panic when your connection is broken. The data from the global cyber security firm, Kaspersky Lab, have a research for that. Here are some remarkable results from this research.

According to the survey, when people are not using their devices or away from them, the biggest problem is that the family or their immediate environment is worried about them. More than half of the respondents (51%) share that they are often worried about disconnection. Almost half of the respondents (45%) said that the biggest concern they felt when they were not in contact was that one of their families had something to worry about and that they couldn’t help them because they were not aware of it.

Even if your connection is broken, it can cause relationships to end. For example, you will have dinner with your partner or with your lover. But you’re late for a reason. No problem because the technology has progressed and you can immediately write a message or call. But what if your phone’s charge is finished? Here is the end of a relationship. Or even if you don’t think about them, you’re going to have dinner, whatever the reason for your disconnection, nothing will ever go the way you want. Approximately 30% of the individuals who participated in the same study reported that they had missed the meeting or had long-term problems when they experienced connection problems. In addition, 23% of the respondents also confess that their devices have problems with their loved ones when the battery is dead, lost or stolen.

So the disconnection is really reflected in the relationships. In fact, the only thing damaged is not relations. Our daily lives are ruined when our connection is broken or in some way we cannot access our devices. 21% of Kaspersky Lab’s survey respondents said that they lost an educational or job oppotunity when they did not have access to the Internet; 13% share the knowledge that they missed a social activity like a party. In fact, 16% of respondents even stated that they were lost on the way when their connections were broken.

Shortly, we have come to a connection-dependent state. But despite this dependence, interesting data does not appear. Despite our dependence on connections, 16% of people in our country do nothing to keep their devices running. Only 24% regularly check the condition of their devices and 36% of their batteries.

Connections affect our relationships, even our daily lives. Spouses and friends can communicate with each other, get news from their children. Being connected to today’s technology society is of course important, but being dependent on affiliation is of course a matter that needs to be taken…


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