Is Adblock Safe?

Adblock is a popular plugin that blocks ads on any website and social network. So, is Adblock safe to use? In our news...

Adblock is a popular chrome plugin that blocks ads on any website and social network. It is most commonly used to block annoying Youtube ads. Also one the best ad blocker. But, you might be concerned that the plugin is not safe or that it might track your activity on the web. So, is Adblock safe to use?

How does Adblock work

First, we should know how Adblock chrome works before assessing its safety. Adblock is a chrome extension that filters content and ads, so you have a better browsing experience.

To install this plugin, simply visit the Google store, type Adblock, and install the plugin. It will be added automatically to Chrome.

For an initial Adblock test, go to Youtube or Facebook, and you’ll see that they show no more ads. So you’ll be able to skip the 30-second ads in a Youtube video or filter the annoying ad on Facebook.

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Remove annoying ads

Some people might wonder why you should remove ads? Suppose you are shopping for new clothes, and you don’t find any exciting options. An ad might be what they need to make their purchasing decisions.

However, there is a flipside. Unfortunately, many ads do not target the right people. Hence, users prefer to filter them to entirely focus on what they want to watch, read, or purchase something on their favorite website.

Adblocker can also protect your privacy. Some web ads have malware, which may infect your computer when you click on them. Having Adblock prevents you from clicking on these ads and ads an extra layer of security for you.

You will also experience faster loading times on your browser. Your browser might load quicker because Adblock will filter all these ads and consequently, your not downloading those ads to your page. So, for example, you’ll be able to load a youtube video and watch it immediately, without having to wait a few seconds.

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