Is Prime Reading Free?

We want to read books but most of us cannot find enough spare time to do so. In this respect, Amazon offers an amazing solution for us, which is called Prime Reading. This amazing service lets us listen to the books that we want to read but cannot find enough free time to do so. However, there is plenty of confusion about this service. Therefore, we have created a detailed guide about Prime Reading for you. In the following sections, you are going to learn every single detail you need to know about the service. So is Prime Reading free?

What Is Prime Reading?

Prime Reading is a service offered by Amazon and has millions of active users all around the world. This great service lets you listen to the books that you would like to read but cannot spare enough free time to do so. Thus, it is quite a beneficial service for busy people.

Thanks to Prime Reading, you can listen to books while you are cooking, cleaning, driving, or resting at home. In the free version, you have plenty of alternatives. However, if you prefer the paid version, you can literally access all the books in the world. We will share more about the pricing in the following sections.

How to Use Amazon Prime Reading?

The good news is that you can access Prime Reading from your Android or iOS devices without any challenge. However, you need to install any additional application to access the content. For this purpose, we recommend using Kindle or Fire Tablet.

All you need to do is visit the official page of Prime Reading and use the search function to find the books or other content you are looking for. Later on, you can download the content and listen to it whenever you want. It is worth noting that you can have a maximum of 10 titles in free accounts.

What Kind of Options Do You Have?

You can literally find everything you are looking for on Prime Reading. Besides books, you can also listen to documentaries, podcasts, and much other content. There are plenty of categories that you can surf and find new content to listen to.

In addition to this, Amazon Prime Reading also has a great algorithm that suggests new or interesting content. We highly recommend checking out these suggestions. They are prepared and listed according to the content that you were interested in previously. Thus, they can be highly appealing to you.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for Prime Reading?

You do not have to pay a penny to use Prime Reading services. It offers plenty of content for free. However, if you would like to access all the content, all you need to do is have an active Amazon Prime subscription.

It costs $12.99 in the United States and besides Prime Reading, you can access Amazon Prime, where you can enjoy streaming services, exclusive movies, and TV series available on Amazon Prime.

We answered the question is Prime Reading free.


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