Law Is Coming For Devices With Internet Connection!

Digitalized devices might bring cybersecurity issues with them and both Europe and USA have been trying to find a solution to this problem by the laws they made. Here are the details.

What kind of risks does devices with internet connection encounters?

Digitalizing world makes our digital devices with internet connection gets increasing day by day. Evenmore not just mobile phones, devices we use in our house such as fridges nearly all of them can connect into internet. As our devices connects into the so does the security issues comes into light. Many countries around the world are taking precautions to this issue. England and California from USA are making first steps. With an introduced law devices which can connect to the internet or IoT devices their security issues will be tried to be solved. In this field England have been preparing regulations.

Devices connected to the internet might cause some cyber risks. At this issue some countries have already started to search for solutions.

Cyber security corporation ESET stated that Minister of Digital and Creative Technologies have recommended a legislation to this topic. According to legislation they might be creating a security level labeling for IoT devices or devices can connect into the internet. According to this in order to have this labeling every IoT device should have a distinctive password. Installations time and duration also should be stated clearly as well. Evenmore producers who produces them should be offering public contact points to uncover security gaps.

It becomes into effect by 2020

In an attempt to make IoT devices safer by legal arrangements, actually it’s a one part of a goal for England to become the leader of online security. It’s been aimed to put this law onto effect in California by 2020. This legislation attempt goes after the way of prohibiting weak passwords for devices connected to the internet.

Both legislation expected to come into effect in California both recommended legislation in England have taken important steps to make us more protected from cyber attacks. But topic in question is that this legislation is enough to solve the issues or not…

Well how we can increase the chance of cyber-attacks if we do to our IoT devices? Continues at the news.


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