Li-Fi Replaces by Wi-Fi!

We will be entering the Internet soon with the Li-Fi network that will be created by LED lights. On the news...

Without the Internet, we have not been able to do any of our work, and become unable to continue our daily lives. Sometimes we can access the internet at any time by using Wi-Fi, wireless networks, and sometimes mobile networks. We will be entering the Internet soon with the Li-Fi network that will be created by LED lights. On the news…

What is Li-Fi?

As a generation born into the Internet, a life without internet is almost unthinkable for us. We all search for almost every topic about our life on the internet. This even includes our health problems. We cannot think of a world without the internet and the digital world, but the internet is not always beautiful and ingenious.

According to researches that have been conducted for a long time, 20 percent of the world’s energy resources will be run out by 2030 due to global internet use. If we want humanity to have access to the internet and find a place in the digital world, we need to find a solution to this indispensable energy problem.

According to Harald Haas from Edinburgh University, focusing on this subject, data transmission can be made with LED lights. So, in a simpler term, there can be internet wherever there are LED lights. Considering that the world’s LED light source is infinite, there is no more promising solution than Haas’ solution so far.

How will Li-Fi be used?

With this LED light supply called Li-Fi, the data transmission system can easily accommodate speed of 50 MB per second (maybe more in the future). Moreover, the system provides this speed only with solar cell receivers.

lifi wifi moblobi

While the wireless connection system, which we call Wi-Fi and in almost all of our digital devices, takes advantage of a point between microwave and radio waves, Li-Fi addresses visible light spectra for these transfer processes. When it is compared to the spectra of radio waves, visible light, which has almost ten thousand times larger spectra, can provide a hundred times more bandwidth than the Wi-Fi system.

Haas and his team are taking firm steps towards developing a method that will use ordinary solar panels for the system. So, if this method they developed can come to a conclusion; We can say that there will be internet everywhere with LED light. The data collected by the receivers in the Li-Fi system is coded in the light emitted by the LED. Of course, it is not possible for these data to be visible to the human eye.

Can It Replace by Wi-Fi?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Li-Fi is in a better position compared to Wi-Fi in terms of energy consumption. It significantly reduces the energy used. So, it is quite possible that Li-Fi will become one of the most used data transmission systems in the near future.

Considering that Wi-Fi needs to consume a lot of energy to provide the bandwidth brought by the Li-Fi system, Li-Fi can be used more than Wi-Fi. However, it is still not very much foreseen by experts that it will replace the Wi-Fi or mobile data system.

According to experts, Wi-Fi and mobile data will continue to be used in areas where Li-Fi is not used. In other words, we can think of these three systems as different systems that go in different ways but have the same objectives. Wi-Fi is available where there is no Li-Fi, and mobile data can be used where there is no Wi-Fi.

The developers of Li-Fi, which also make statements that support this issue; They state that the purpose of the system is not to replace others but to support them. Of course, we cannot know what is going to happen, but we can find Li-Fi in our lives very soon.

So how do you think the internet will be used in the future? You can share it in the comment section.

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