Listen to Music with Your Friend on Spotify!

We can download music from many platforms thanks to technology. We generally prefer platforms like Spotify and Youtube but they’ve started to use music apps becuase Youtube consumes a lot of intenret. Spotify is the most preferred music app. They’ve offered you a feature that you can listen the same music with your friend with it’s recent update. You can create your mutual list and to listen music all together. Here are the details.

How can you listen music on Spotify with a mutual friend?

Spotify is a platform that it’s been used in many countries since 2008. It allows you to listen music free. You can download the app in iOS and Android devices.

After you’ve become the subscriber, you can activate the feature with syrchonize with Facebook. So, you can learn what your friend is listening via Facebook. You can reach it by entering onto take a look at the menü and create your own playlists, also you can listen offline without any interuptions.

Spotify will allow you to interact with your friend on accessing music. With it’s recently developed feature, you can communicate with your friend and you can create your own mutual playlists.

How can you start to use Spotify’s feature to connect with your friend and to listen with them and creating your own mutual list? What does Spotify aims with this feature? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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