Little Known 6 Youtube Features

There are 6 little-known Youtube features for Android and iOS users

Youtube has over 2 billion users and it most used video viewing platform. It has more than 5 billion videos. But, most of users could not know some Youtube features. There are 6 little-known Youtube features for Android and iOS users.

Less Known But Very Useful 6 Youtube Features:

1-) Using Picture-In Picture Mode

“Picture-in-picture mode” is a useful feature for many Youtube users. Picture-in-picture mode provides running in small window in your phone. In this way, you can listen to music from Youtube while browsing or messaging on social media. You can do two jobs at the same time.

But, let us immediately say: All phone users can not benefit from this mode. For example, Youtube Premium subscribers can use this feature. If you want to use the feature, here’s your requirement to do:

– First, enable the mode in “Settings”.

– Open the video you want to watch.

– You can return to your home screen with reducing the video, you have opened to a small window.

2-) Stop See Some Channels And Videos

There are millions of content on popular platform Youtube. Contents is often useful and enjoying. However, sometimes it may encounter annoying contents. What to do in case you encounter a disturbing video is very easy.

– You must click the 3-dot icon right of video and use the “Not Interested” option.

– If it is a channel that you don’t want to see, you should use 3-dot again and choose the “Do not suggest channel” option.

– So, youtube will not show you these contents.

3-) Creating Playlists

If you want to bring together  videos you like and share them with others, you can create playlists on Youtube. If you are create a playlist, here’s what you need to do:

– First, you have to go to Youtube and select the “Library” option at the bottom right.

– After then, you have to scroll down the screen and use the “New playlist” option. You can choose whether to add previously watched videos to your playlist.

– You give a name to your playlist, you can make it public or private only you.

– You can long tap video to add videos, you like to your playlist. Or you can click on “Save to playlist” option on the top right.

4-) View Statistics, Set Limits And Receive Reminders About Limits

Popular platform Youtube has a system that records and displays statistics. If you want to use Youtube statistics feature, you can follow these steps:

– Click your profile picture on the platform.

– After then, you can see how much time you spend daily and weekly on YouTube with using “Watch time” option. You can reach your Youtube statistics.

“Watch time” doesn’t just show statistics. It also allows you to make restrictions. For this, you should go to “Tools” section and you must use “Remind me to take a break” option. You can manage your time with restrictions on YouTube. You can get notice to take a break while watching a video.

5-) Enabling Incognito Mode, Deleting Video Watch History

It is quite simple to change the flow on this platform with millions of content. You watch a brief TV show you will cause your YouTube homepage to be filled with TV show recommendations. If you don’t want your stream to change, you can watch videos with enabling incognito mode. There what you need to do:

– You should use the “Turn on incognito mode” option touching your profile picture at the top right. In this way, you will watch the videos with incognito mode.

– If you want to delete the videos you watched before, select the “Library” option. After then, you can delete videos using with “History” option.

6-) Watching Youtube From Another Device

If you want to spend time on YouTube and find the phone screen small to watch content, you can connect with other devices. If you want for connection YouTube to another device, you can follow these steps:

– Open the YouTube app.

– Click the “Publish” option at the top of screen.

– Select wi-fi symbol in the under left corner and choose device you want to connect.

– Then just select the video you want to watch. You can watch the video from device you connected.

So which do you use the most Youtube features?

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